What is WarmagripTM


Warmagrip™ is the only true "warm to the touch" handrailing component system designed to meet DDA obligations and building regulations.


Now available in 3 options:


  • Warmagrip™ Original - consisting of PVC coated steel fittings PVC coated tube
  • Warmagrip™ PVC - consisting of PVC coated fittings and PVC coated tube
  • Warmagrip™ GRP - consisting of PVC coated fittings GRP handrail tube.


All systems are designed for ease of construction to meet site specific requirements, needing no adhesive and allowing for quick and easy installation.




Key Features & Benefits:


  • High quality GRP or PVC coated steel tube - an economical alternative to powder coating or thermal paint
  • Slip resistant surface - Raised profile on the PVC handrail to improve grip
  • Pre-drilled tube for quick assembly
  • Onsite flexibility - tube can be cut & re-drilled
  • Easy to assemble - can be assembled by one person using the security tools
  • Aesthetically more pleasing than a galvanised option - available in grey and highly visibility yellow
  • UV stable and weather resistant so will look good for years to come


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